Dermatology Associates, Inc.

A private practice specializing in diseases of the skin, hair, and nails

Directions to Des Peres Office
Des Peres Medical Arts Pavilion 1
2325 Dougherty Ferry Road
Suite 201
Saint Louis, MO 63122
Phone: 314.993.1714
Fax: 314.993.1718


  • Grow your own natural lashes -- LONGER, FULLER, DARKER.
  • • 1 kit for $109.00
  • • or call office for special pricing
  • The 10 mL vial lasts for approximately 3 months for all 10 nails. ClearNails-pro+™ restores healthy appearance of nails with first signs of improvement normally seen after 7 days of treatment. However, it is recommended to continue to use ClearNails-pro+™ until the nail appears completely normal.